Our project partners came together to create the integration of cultural citizenship into lessons. Photos from the first day they did great work together.. We would like to thank the team of Europeans, z.s. ,our project coordinator and host of this activity.

During second day of the training teachers discussed how to develop and asses international competencies among students under cultural education. They also had an opportunity to get to know some findings on art and cultural education at school in Europe. The crucial point of the training was implementation of the methodology - study circle which is based on the storytelling methods and can be incorporated into curricula of different subjects, including literature, languages and others. And on the second day; participants toured historical and cultural sites in the city of Pilsen

Participating teachers; They worked on the integration of cultural citizenship skills into physical education, music, visual arts, literature and English classes. The curricula of Turkey, Italy and Greece were examined in the context of cultural citizenship. The preliminary preparation of the module on the integration of cultural citizenship into lessons has been completed.